Free Skin Consultations

The power of a consultation

At Therapy Rooms we offer a full, in depth consultation. We believe that to really and truly treat your skin, we need to use a 360 degree approach. This means we will look at what you put in your body (diet and supplements), what you put on the surface of your skin (cleansers, moisturisers, SPF etc) and what makeup you use (hopefully our fabulous range of Jane Iredale mineral makeup!)

Skin concerns

As part of your consultation, we’ll discuss your personal skin concerns and using a combination of amazing result-driven products and treatments, we’ll create a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle, skin type and budget.

Why use more than one brand?

We don’t believe that one size fits all. We have handpicked a few amazing brands that offer a variety of different techniques and ingredients. Of course, we have our favourite go-to products! This means we have access to a larger range of products to really tailor your plan to you and get the best out of your skin.