Laser Hair Removal

The future of laser hair removal is at Therapy Rooms, unlike traditional laser or IPL, our treatments use the latest technology for the safe removal of unwanted hair, comfortably and super fast.
Micro Areas: 29
Lip, Chin, Toes, Abdominal Line, Fingers, Side burns, Monobrow
Level 1 Areas: 39
Lip & Chin, Hairline, Cheeks, Jawline, Hands, Feet

Level 2 Areas: 55
Underarms, Half Face, Basic Bikini Line, Half Arm
Level 3 areas: 89
Full Face, Advanced Bikini Line, Buttocks, Half Leg (upper or lower),  Full arms, Chest, Abdomen
Level 4 areas: 119
Full Leg, Back, Chest & Abdomen, Brazilian, Hollywood
For total hair removal in one area a minimum of 8 sessions are needed, depending on skin & hair type.
*Buy a course of 8 sessions on the same level and only pay for 6.
*Treat 4+ areas at the same time for a 10% discount


Environ is a revolutionary skincare technology backed by science. These facials work by using Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis to create small cavities in the skin allowing the ingredients to travel to the deeper layers of the skin to produce quicker, more effective results.
Focus on Treatment
The Therapist: 45
45 minute Treatment: 
The Therapist: 65
60 minute Treatment: 
The Therapist: 85

Using a medical grade scalpel, dermaplaning removes all the peach fuzz as well as the top layer of skin cells to stimulate skin renewal. 
Express Dermaplaning: 
The Therapist: 55
Deluxe Dermaplaning
The Therapist: 70