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Cut, Blow Dry & Refine
Receive your signature look and more importantly, know how to style it!
The Graduate 35 | The Stylist 40
Back to basics
If you’re looking the classic short back and sides, maybe with a twist
Simple dry cut & style
The Graduate 15 | The Stylist 18

Blo-dry Bar
Simple & Elegant
A no nonsense blo dry for every occasion
The Graduate 25 | The Stylist 30

Bring out the curlers, it’s time to get glam
The Graduate 35 | The Stylist 40
Curl & Pin
Needing a your blo dry before your occasion. No problem, we’ll blow dry, pin and you simply unleash the glam whenever you’re ready!
The Graduate 45 | The Stylist 50

Speed dry & go
Speed drys are complimentary with every colour, they’re performed by our new talent team and can be upgraded to glam from £10.

SOS Damage Repair
Have the full works of Olaplex to repair your hair from the inside out, this luxury blo dry includes all the olaplex styling products to compliment your need for damage control!
From 20

SOS Frizz Control
Kerastraight is a protein treatment that will tame your fly aways and reduce your frizz. Perfect if you’re needing an ultra-sleek straight blo dry but you hair just won’t play ball! Finished with Kerastraight styling products. 
From 30
Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment
For a long term answer to frizzy, fly away hair, this treatments lasts up to 3 months, it tames hair, cuts down drying time and becomes all round much more manageable.
From 150