Our menu has been designed to be gender neutral, all colouring is bespoke and therefore prices are *from and may vary. Skin tests are required prior to colouring, for more details, please read our FAQs AAD testing.
Global Colouring 
A combination of one or more custom blended hair tint applied directly to the scalp
The Graduate 30 | The Stylist 40
Root to Tip
The Graduate 40 | The Stylist 50
Using careful foil placement and a combination of highlights/lowlights to produce beautiful bespoke tones
Just a Sprinkle
A light dusting of a few foils placed to create a subtle sunkiss. 
The Graduate 35 | The Stylist 45
A Little Brighter
Equivalent to half a head, we’ll make sure you’re well covered and won’t forget that hairline!
The Graduate 50 | The Stylist 60
Full of Foil
Go all out with a full head of foils to create gorgeous depth and dimension
The Graduate 65 | The Stylist 75
Freehand Painting
Seamlessly blending tones to create a beautiful balayage on any hair length. Freehand painting can be used for a natural ‘barely there’ look right up to a high contrast showstopper as well as everything in between.
Sunkissed Balayage
For a subtle hint with a natural glow
The Graduate 55 | The Stylist 70
The Balayage Works
Using a multitude of techniques to create your perfect showstopper.
The Graduate 70 | The Stylist 85
Ultimate Blonde
Bleach applied globally to the scalp and toned to the perfect shade to create the ultimate, full head blonde.
Ultimate Blonde First Application
Full head bleach for the first timers or guests visiting Therapy Rooms for the first time. Includes olaplex and a toner.
The Graduate 80 | The Stylist 95
Ultimate Blonde Maintenance
Roots must be no more than 1cm and previous service been in Therapy Rooms
The Graduate 65 | The Stylist 80
Upgrade your ultimate blonde toner to a vivid from £10
If you like to change it up and wear your hair loud and proud, our selection of vivids range from as bright as can be to a subtle pastel and can be chosen on the day!
Vivid Application starts from  £30 for one single colour.

Elaborate vivids and colour changes are priced on consultation and charged per hour