Tanning has come a long way in a short space of time and we’re far from the days of walking out of the salon a stranger shade of orange. In fact, LA tans dry instantly and give you an immediate glow; you can even go out the same night!

It’s important you find the right tanning shade for you; our tans come in a range of shades with different colour bases. We’ll discuss your natural colouring, natural tanning, the occasion and your expectations so we can give you exactly the glow you want.

How long does it last?
LA tan will last 7-10 days; it has an even application and a gradual fade off.

Fast Tan
With LA Tan, you will need to leave your tan on for at least 8 hours’ to develop. But if you’re short on time, give Fast Tan a go and wash off from just 2 hours with the same beautiful results.

Pre-tanning Prep
Make sure you’ve exfoliated at least 24 hours prior. Avoid moisturiser and oils the day of your tan. Wear loose clothing.

Full Body: 15 | 18 Half Body: 10 | 12