Do you have access to Wifi?
We certainly do and we have access to phone chargers too, so there’s no excuse not to take those salon selfies! If you are needing to work, please feel free to bring your laptop and we’ll make sure you’re seated next to a plug.

Should I bring pictures?
Yes! 100% yes! We love you to bring as many pictures (especially of hair) as you can. This puts us on the same page as you and allows clear communication throughout the consultation, meaning everyone leaves happy!

Do your offer services to children?
Certain treatments do have age restrictions and any under 16s will need parental consent. We ask that where possible, you don’t bring young children to your own appointments, this is to ensure an elevated experience for all our guests.

Why do your prices have different levels?
We believe in ongoing education and promotion. Our prices reflect the team members level of experience, skill set and demand. All our levels are trained to our standard, so it’s up to you which level you choose.

How do you apprenticeships work?
We love a homegrown apprentice and their training programme is extensive and thorough allowing them to thrive within the salon. Our assistants will begin to offer treatments along the way under our ‘New Talent’ prices and once they have reached a level of excellency, they will be given the opportunity to personally assist the other levels, a whole team of creatives at your beckon call, cool right?

Do you do discounts?
We offer an ‘a la carte’ service menu allowing you to pick and choose your services to make a bespoke experience. We offer a level system to be affordable for all budgets and in salon promotions and competitions. All services will be quoted to ensure no nasty shocks at the till!

Do I need a patch test?
Allergy Alert Testing (AAT), otherwise known as skin testing, it is really important that whenever any chemicals are placed directly on the skin, that an AAT is carried out 48 hours prior to the treatment. The treatments that require an AAT skin test include; hair colouring services (excluding direct vivid dyes), brow and lash tinting, brow lamination, LVL lashes and laser hair removal. This is a non negotiable and is in line with our health & safety and insurance policies. Most service patch tests will be valid for 6 months for the same treatment. In some cases, usually due to change in medical history, you will be required to have another patch test. For this reason, prior to every treatment you will be asked to fill and return a AAT safety form to avoid disappointment on the day.