Repechage Signiture Facials

Repechage means second chance, a second chance for all of us to have beautiful skin and is a brand focused on results driven skincare with the power of deep sea seaweed. . Seaweed is a concentration of seawater. The seaweed plant has no roots so it feeds through osmosis, absorbing minerals and vitamins from the seawater. Because of its feeding process, seaweed becomes a dense concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, macro elements, phytohormones and amino acids.
Deluxe Fusion: £50 (60mins)
Available in Chocolate, Berry, Matcha Green Tea or Vanilla. Each flavour targets a specific concern so we may combine a few
Deluxe Seaweed: £50 (60 mins)
Extremely hydrating the ticket to clean, healthy skin

Hydramedic: £60 (60 mins)
Designed to specifically target spot/acne prone skin
Hydra Red Out: £68 (75mins)
Specifically targets Rosacea as well as calming sensitive skin
Four Layer Facial £70 (75mins)
Layer upon layer of hydration, firming and tightening skin including a heated mask
Clinical Facial £POA (60mins)
Using Repechage products and masks to tailorͲmake a facial designed to target your specific concerns