Result Driven Skincare
Therapy Rooms specialises in result driven skincare. Your skin is an organ and must be looked after… and
it’s an ongoing process!
Our skincare starts with a thorough skin consultation including occupational & recreational skin health, diet and exercise to get to the root of your skin concerns and how to target them; no two people are the same.
All the products we work with are tailored to specific skin concerns, improving skin health and implementing preventative skincare. Please be aware skincare does not have a quick fix (if it did, we’d all have amazing skin!) this is a commitment between us both!

Top tips
Up to 90% of visible aging is down to UV rays; always SPF30+ (even in winter and even in doors –those pesky rays get through the glass.
Bin the wipes—they’re doing far more damage and are actually just moving the dirt around your face. Opt for a cleanser or our ‘cleanse off mitt’ instead.
Look at the ingredients! It may have pretty packaging, it may smell beautiful, but what is it actually doing for you and your skin?