Hands & Feet

We only use natural, organic products to promote healthy nail growth

Calgel is an organic, ‘true’ gel system which is used to strengthen the nail, giving a light feel and a natural, long lasting look… without
Natural: £18
Colour: £25
French: £28
Glitter: £28
Chrome: £30
Calgel Sculptures
All gel extensions are sculpted from IZ Clear Gel, no glue, no plastic, just a natural extension of your own nail
Extensions: £35
Infills: £25

CND Shellac
Shellac is a hybrid polish,
drying instantly and long lasting.
Colour: £18
French: £20
Glitter: £22
Chrome: £25
CND Vinylux
Vinylux is a breakthrough, long lasting polish. Exposure to natural light activates the top coat to make it more durable.
Vinylux File & Polish: £10
Vinylux Glitter: £12

Minx Toes: £24

Nail art available

Manicures and Pedicures

File & Polish
Express Manicure with Vinylux: £15
Luxury Manicure with Vinylux: £22
Express Pedicure with Vinylux: £22
Luxury Pedicure with Vinylux: £32
Shellac & Gel
+Express Manicure: £8
+Luxury Manicure: £12
+Express Pedicure: £12
+Luxury Pedicure:: £22